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Managing Your Roof Asset.
From end to end.


Inspection Services

Portfolio Management 
Optimize your portfolio through a managed solution that provides the clarity necessary to forecast, execute and prioritize.


Due Diligence 
Roofing is only a portion of the entire investment picture, but it is often the most costly to replace and maintain. Our expertise and rapid response lets your team underwrite with a clear picture of the potential risks and benefits associated with the roof.

Infrared Thermography

Our team of certified experts utilize the most advanced infrared technology to pinpoint moisture within roof systems. Isolating wet substrate for removal and troubleshooting are two of the most common ways we utilize this technology.


Proposing from 50 years of experience on a national scale while incorporating the best-in-class roof systems.


All designs are built to local building codes and ANSI/SPRI standard practices. We provide FM Global certified roofnav designs for all projects. 

Construction Managers

Project Services

Electrical Engineer

Sustainable Services

Roof Top Solar

The Roof React Manager identifies key locations for value added energy systems. Install solar products knowing your roof system will remain a solid asset to your building.

Data Processing 

Our Roof React platform supports ESG initiatives from cool roofing to daylight savings. Let us help you process your existing ESG data.

Engineer on Tablet

The Process

Interested in discovering how Roof React can help protect your most valuable investment?

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